UnThreat Professional AntiVirus 2014

Advanced online and offline protection for your PC

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$3.33 per PC for month

Why UnThreat Professional AntiVirus 2014?

Real-time protection against viruses (AntiVirus)

UnThreat uses an award-winning virus detection and removal engine that protects your computer against the most recent viruses. UnThreat works in the background, keeping your computer safe with minimum hassle.

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Privacy protection (AntiSpyware)

Spyware that spies on you can record your credit card information, browsing history, activity logs, and other information, which can then be viewed by the people who created it. UnThreat detects malware that tries to collect information about you and removes it from your computer.

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Email protection

UnThreat scans all your incoming mail for spam and phishing scams that attempt to gain access to your personal and financial information and stops it before it could harm you.

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Advanced Firewall

Programs that access the internet might decrease the internet speed affecting the browsing experience, and also leak data from your computer. UnThreat has an advanced Firewall that uses special techniques letting you choose which programs can access the internet.

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Protection from hackers

While your computer is connected to the internet, hackers might try to gain access or harm it. UnThreat blocks malicious and unwanted network traffic from gaining such access to your computer.

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Supported Windows versions

Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista

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At least 512 Mb

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Disc space

At least 100 Mb free

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